In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Denmark, DAN LAT CONSULTING and CSR-Link.

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  • How to do business Mexican-style? Key points about Mexican business culture, CSR, entry-mode, history, food, commerce, and negotiation do’s and don’ts

The year 2016 has seen important developments that constitute a cornerstone in the relation between Mexico and Denmark, marked by the first State Visit of a President Mexican to the Denmark. In this historical visit both countries renew their commitment to foster the political dialogue at the highest level, including the one at the Foreign Ministers level. The two countries reach significant agreements aiming at strengthen cooperation in human rights, health, energy, and commerce; this was reflected in the signing of seven agreements. The two countries also continue working towards strengthening its cultural, touristic and gastronomical bonds, in which both countries have a lot to share and develop.

We offer a series of targeted presentations from experts on Mexico past, present, and tomorrow as vital tools in starting or expanding Danish-Mexican relations. And aside food for thought also an interesting taste of Mexico through gastronomy – because the love of food is also common for Danes and Mexicans.


15.00 Bienvenida by The Embassy of Mexico

15.10 Sustainabilty and renewables – business in Mexico Carlos Perez Cirera, Trade Commissioner, ProMéxico

15.20 Trade and transaction in Mexico Carlos Salas Lind, Associate Professor, CBS

15.45 Mexico – from emerging to blooming market Juan R. Jensen, Senior Export Facilitator, Dan Lat Consulting

16.10 Short break

16.20 Sustainable Mexico City Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen, Vice Chairman Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark

16.45 Mexico as a cultural epicenter Jan Gustafsson, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

17.10 The Taste of Mexico – A short introduction by Jorge Gonzales, Mexican Chef, to the tastes and trends in classical and modern Mexican cuisine.


We have both export facilitarors, culture and country specialists.

  • Our export facilitators have years of experience within facilitating cross-cultural business between Scandinavia and most of Latin America.
  • Our Culture and country specialists, who also are highly educated in both Scandinavian and Latinamericans top universities, will ensure that you will get a wider business culture understanding of the region, in order to create growth in your company locally.
  • We are a team of specialists dedicated to encourage Scandinavian companies to include the Latin American markets to their business strategy and encouraging at the same time Latinamerican key actors, decision makers and local partners to include Danish innovative solutions to their agenda.
  • We offer a much more personalized, fast and tailored hands-on solutions”  relative to the scale of investment and needs of each company, especially to SMEs.